It’s been a busy time at RiverBend in the past few weeks following move-in day for many residents at the end of September. As seniors get settled into their new one- and two-bedroom suites, there’s already a positive buzz as people join in to the optional social activities that are planned each week. Activity coordinator Cheryl Fehr says response to things such as tai chi, crafts, and a local winery tour have been overwhelmingly good, with more fun opportunities in the weeks and months to come. A calendar of events is posted every two weeks at the community and residents may sign up to participate as they like.

Flexible options are key at RiverBend and extend beyond social activities to services and amenities such as meals, house cleaning and laundry. All residents have access to these services and may use them as often or as little as they wish. There are a limited number of one- and two-bedroom condos that are available to rent.

For those who are curious about this 55+ community and have not yet seen the completed facility, contact us for tours of our Prince George and Kamloops facilities.

My mom sold her home of 40+ yrs and moved in 2 weeks ago. She absolutely loves it… I have been in the complex almost every day since the first move in day and met a number of the residents all very content with their new home. Judy Kehler and the other RiverBend staff are doing a great job. Debbie Lucci