Grant Yule was born on April 6, 1928 in Killarney, Manitoba and is the third youngest of nine children, four girls and five boys. Grant grew up on the family farm, where he lived for the first eighteen years of his life. Once Grant was old enough, he went to Hamilton, Ontario in search of work. He moved from place to place trying to earn a living, however at this time jobs were not the easiest to come by.

Eventually, Grant returned home to stay with his family, which is when he met his wife Jean. Grant and Jean had lived only twenty miles apart their entire lives and it wasn’t until they both went to the same dance, that they finally met. Grant and Jean got married on February 20th, 1954 and have been together ever since. After getting married, the two of them moved to Winnipeg, where Grant got a job butchering chickens. By the end of his workday, Grant would be covered in lice. To say the least, this was not the most ideal job for Grant, which motivated him to join the Airforce. He worked in the Airforce in Winnipeg for six years while building a family with Jean. They were then asked to transfer to France where they lived for four years. While in France they had one child there before transferring to Yorkton, Saskatchewan. After living in Yorkton for two years, in 1966, Grant and Jean transferred to Prince George.

By 1978 Grant retired from the Airforce and started participating in the Seniors Games, running in the five and ten km runs. Running had always been one of Grants greatest passions, however, in 1999 Grant was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. He was sent to Vancouver and had thirty-three radiation treatments before coming back home. Grant was put on even more medication after getting home which lasted for one year until he was diagnosed as terminal. He received ninety more pills that were supposed to help prolong his life. On night three, Grant woke in the middle of the night and felt he was being healed by God. The next day he threw away the pills, told the doctor what he had done, and went in for check ups every month, for a year, due to doctors orders, before being told he was cancer free! This was fifteen years ago now and Grant made the most out of every day since. By the end of his cancer, Grant had decided to quit running. Shortly after making his decision, Grant woke up one night to the sound of Jesus telling him to “Run Marathons” and that was all he needed to hear. He started running marathons (26.2 miles / 42.2 km) and even went to Olympia, Washington to run in a Marathon that qualified him for the Boston Marathon. Grant finished the Boston Marathon in five hours and twenty minutes, and in total has run seven marathons. Grant is a true inspiration, not only to his four children, eight grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren but to everyone around him, showing that you are never to old to do what you love!