Mary and Loren Greenwood

On Valentine’s Day, RiverBend Prince George hosted an evening event for couples to celebrate the special day. Ahead of the event, the activities and recreation team at RiverBend collected photos from residents of them on their wedding day and the night of the event they played a “guess who” game with the photos. The above two photos show two RiverBend couples holding their wedding photos in a “then and now” themed photoshoot!

Don and JoAnn Pickering

Mary and Loren Greenwood have lived at RiverBend for almost two years now. They were married in 1952 in Oregon, USA and moved to the Prince George area in 1961, where they raised two sons on a ranch outside of the city. They love living at RiverBend and attending all of the activities offered each week, especially the live music.

Don and JoAnn Pickering moved to RiverBend in October of 2017 and also love the activities. JoAnn especially loves the short amount of time it takes her to clean their apartment now vs how long it used to take her to clean a house! The Pickering’s met and were married in Prince George in 1988. JoAnn moved to the area from Winnipeg in the 80’s and Don had lived there since moving from Holland when he was four years old.

The Valentine’s Day event is just one of many events and activities that happen on a weekly basis at RiverBend. Between RiverBend Prince George and RiverBend and Mayfair Kamloops over 100 activities happen every single week for residents! When you live at RiverBend, you have no shortage of social and fun activities to choose from and can participate as little or as often as you like.