RiverBend is a place where old friends connect: Paul Richter

Prince George resident Paul Richter is practical and honest when he talks chatabout his reasons for choosing to make his new home at RiverBend Seniors Community.

Downsizing from a large home to a RiverBend suite to simplify his life and provide him greater ability to visit his children and grandchildren out of town are at the top of his list. The long-time City resident knows his friends are facing similar decisions, too.

“It’s a trade off, but a person’s life changes when they get older. I lost my wife and have been doing everything on my own for the past few years. My home is large and it’s just outside of town and you can’t just walk away when you want to go do something,” says Paul.

“One of the biggest benefits for me is that I will be able to visit my children, too. When you have a house, you can’t always just get up and walk away from it. Here, you can leave and go visit without having to worry.”

He has been thinking about making a move to a smaller home for a while now, and considers the amenities and the distance from RiverBend to other stores and services in the area a real benefit when it comes to the day-to-day.

“There’s not a day I don’t jump in the car and go out two to three times. But there will come a time, when I won’t be able to do that. It’s what made me start thinking about this,” Paul explains, noting that once a person turns 80, more frequent and ongoing drivers’ tests are required to keep a license.

He’s looking forward to his view and access to the outdoors from his first floor suite, which looks out toward the patio and the pond on the RiverBend property. Paul, who is an active member of the 10th Avenue Seniors Centre in Prince George, is also enthusiastic about the social aspects of RiverBend including games, events and amenities like the community room, media room and library. He enjoys activities such as cribbage and floor curling and is hopeful there will be interest from others living at RiverBend.

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“One of the biggest benefits for me is that I will be able to visit my children… Here, you can leave and go visit without having to worry about your home.”

– Paul Richter, 1st Floor RiverBend Prince George

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